Pia Frutos Walker

Hello, Purposeful Wanderer!

You are on the verge of your own greatness.
You KNOW you are, just as sure as you are breathing right now. You just don’t know what your greatness is or how to achieve it.
Yeap, you are on the verge.


You are not lost. Yet…

There is this sense of something lost, something missing, something you can’t quite put your finger on.
It’s okay.

You are here because instead of choosing to remain on this verge for years to come, you are not afraid to wander into your greatness. Yes, wander, as in moving about without a fixed course, following a winding course, perhaps even straying a bit off course.

What this site is about

We won’t be chasing down the latest fad, the latest “thing” that hundreds of thousands of people swear is changing their lives. Because your greatness, even if it is vaguely out of your view right now and you can’t recognize it or name it, is 100% unique to you. No fad that everyone else is doing will help YOU, the individual, 100% of the time. So let’s wander, let’s get motivated, let's take action each day, whether it is a giant act or simple 5-minute act.

What you will find here is motivational advice about how to make your wandering more productive. I'll share honest stories about wandering and prompt you with challenges to help you both identify and move towards your own greatness.

Because as we wander, together and individually, we will recognize that we are the only true experts of our own lives. We’ll support and share our wandering, courageous acts, because wandering, while it is a 1-person task, needs encouragement and a good share of high-fives.

Pia Frutos Walker. Encouraging and empowering women to take their daily life lessons and turn them into purpose-drive life actions. Reconnect, grow, and unleash your best self.


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My wandering story

It starts with a name: Pia. These three letters inaugurated me, in 1973, as unique.
These three letters provide me freedom to create, from scratch, a dictionary for my life. Yet they also thrust me into a frameless loneliness. My life consists of ecstatic states of wonder and stumbles in the darkness.

In my naïveté, I assumed others had easier, less confusing lives. I assumed perennial names provide the recipient with handy dictionaries that clearly define who and what their greatness should be. I was wrong.

While comfort and familiarity make good bedfellows, human beings, consciously and unconsciously, look for the unique. We yearn for it, not because we want to be uniquely "cool" but because we are unique (even without a name like Pia).

Yet in our yearning for the unique we look for answers, strangely enough, in what the masses do.
If we yearn to attain our true unique individual self, why do we copy others?

It wasn't until I found myself at a museum, in front of a painting, wanting to cry and fall down in prayer, that I realized that it is okay to be, purely and unedited, my true self. I wondered why I had been so afraid to be, mistakes and all?

And so I chose to stop not-being, to stop putting myself (by choice) in boxes that fit the grand scheme of things but never, 100%, fit me.

So now you and I get to wander together, seeing the world and our experiences through our own unique lenses. I can't wait to read about what your lenses and experience show you!

I love sharing purposeful, thought-provoking experiences with women who are going through life transitions. I write action-oriented blog stories, to empower women to attain their best life.

Pia Frutos Walker

44+ years of wandering experience living life.
Intermittently well, episodically wondrous, and frequently messy.
Always on the wandering quest to attain a creative, purposeful life.

I blog about navigating the transitions of life for women on the verge of greatness, to help them take ownership of who they are and become empowered to take action in the shaping of their lives, because I too have been too afraid to take the first step towards my own greatness and have had the good fortune of being motivated by others to be my own true self. (And a good kick in the toosh from people that love and care about me hasn't hurt either - so find the peeps that have your back and keep them close as you navigate through your own life transitions.)

Pia Frutos Walker. Encouraging and empowering women to take their daily life lessons and turn them into purpose-drive life actions. Reconnect, grow, and unleash your best self.